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I wanted to discuss the pre shot routine as I feel that it is an important aspect of the game. All pro’s have a pre shot routine that they rely upon time after time. It allows them to concentrate, focus and it leads to making better swings. The pre shot routine is very personal and ultimately you will have to find what suites you, but like the golf swing, I will give you a jumping off point from which you can build upon and make your own.
The first thing to do is take in your surroundings. Find out what you want to do and how you want to do it. Ask your self what type of shot you want to hit and what club you want to hit. Once you figure that out, take it out of your mind and stay confident in your choice. From here you should stand about 5 feet directly behind the golf ball on the same line as your intended target. You can take one or two practice swings to loosen up some. What I like to do next is point the club to the target and draw an imaginary line back to my ball. In this line I find a leaf, a piece of a golf tee, and piece of grass, something that is about a foot or two in front of the golf ball and on a direct path of the target line. You want to keep your eye on this and line up to it when you take your stance over the ball. Once you have did this you can look at the actual target and make a slight adjustment to feel comfortable with your line. From here you want to waggle the club some, stay loose as I talked about earlier, then just hit the ball. Trust everything that has lead up to you hitting the ball. Trust your alignment and make a free relaxed swing.

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