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What you should get from this book:
I want you as the  golfer to only incorporate a few of these swing keys at a time. Each one of us has our own natural swing. We should not try to build our swing from someone else or from what someone else thinks is the perfect swing. What works for you may not work for someone else and what works for someone else may not work for you. The key thing is to get down the proper fundamentals and from there you can experiment and work on your own individual swing. Often times we get too technical with ourselves and the results are rarely good. Work more on just hitting the ball instead of thinking your way through the swing.
I wrote this book because I wanted people to get a better understanding on what happens in the golf swing and I wanted to give a different view on certain aspects of that swing. You shouldn’t view what I say as gospel. You should not try to follow everything I say to a T. I don’t follow everything I say in my own swing so you should have no expectation to follow everything in your own. The most important thing is to get a better understanding of the swing and to just incorporate one or two changes in your swing to make it more fundamentally sound. Don’t try to change your swing into something it is not, just make minor adjustments on what it already is. The key to playing good golf is to know your limitations and play to your strengths. You want to maximize your good shots and minimize the bad.
I thank you for reading my book and I hope you take something positive from it.

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